About Us

Cameron I am a child of God, husband to Jen, dad of 3 feral children, American, patient advocate, believer in science, endurance athlete. I am joining the US Foreign Service as a medical provider.

Jen Just a regular ‘ol Jen. Full-time mom, previously an engineer (and still an engineer in my heart). When I can, I like to mountain bike, run, knit, watercolor or read. I love exploring!

The fam @ Tule “Lake”, California. (Cameron behind the camera.)

Our blog title, Wild and Worthwhile, comes from another Foreign Service family who’s blog helped give us the courage to start this journey.

Our logo features several homages to our home:

  • The sunrise over our local “potentially active” volcano, Mt. Hood, with it’s peculiar silhouette when viewed the Portland side.
  • 5 Doug Fir trees, just like the ones in our neighborhood, representing the 5 of us.
  • Raindrops and clouds. We’re going to miss living in a temperate rainforest!