Bishkek, here we come!

We’re thrilled that our first post will be Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan!

Kyrgyz Flag
Kyrgyzstan = Purple one, just left of dead center.

How do we feel about this post?

Couldn’t be happier! It reminds me of when our oldest kiddo started kindergarten, and the first day, right after morning drop-off, there was a meeting for parents called “Boohoo-Woohoo.” (That’s fun to say! Try saying it 10 times fast, I’ll bet you can’t make it to 4 without laughing!) The name captured the bittersweetness of sending a kiddo off to kindergarten…

For some of my class at Flag Day, their first assignment is a bit more “boohoo,” and I feel for them, and admire their resolve. For us, it’s mostly “woohoo!” We’ll miss so much about home, but Kyrgyzstan is exactly the sort of place we expected for our first tour (meaning, it’s really out there! ๐Ÿ˜…). While it’s certainly a major surprise (it’s not Africa!), it hits a balance for us: moderate weather (no extreme heat, yay!), an amazing post community, great for families, a beautiful capital city with lots of trees (just like home!), and a gorgeous countryside – including a large section of the Silk Road, which is supposedly epic for cycling. I’m especially excited because it’s one of the places that Ambassador Yovanovitch served, and she’s a role model of mine.

“Bishkek” means “mountain that brings happiness.” As a family, we know that we can thrive there while serving our country, and we have hope that it will bring us happiness. Plus, our kids will be over the moon about the horses ๐ŸŽ.

So Let’s Learn about Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan!

It’s a mountainous country.
…with a nomadic tradition.
Bishkek, the capital city, is a modern city of about a million people.
We anticipate a lot of outdoor activities
They speak Kyrgyz and Russian (we hope to learn some!)

What is it like to live there as an expat?

People who have done what we’re about to do have a lot of nice things to say about it in TalesMag:

A great place to start learning about the country is the World Factbook:

Click the image to go to the World Factbook entry about Kyrgyzstan

What comes next?

Domino effect! Now that we know where we’re going, we can:

  • Start getting vaccines
  • Start the visa process
  • Figure out our car plan
  • Start packing in earnest
  • Stop worrying and start living ๐Ÿ˜†

Here in DC, I have an offsite counter-threat training next week.

Back in Oregon, Jenne and the Rascals just got home from Mt. Rainier National Park, and pack-out is coming up soon. More on that later, I’m sure ๐Ÿ˜…. Suffice to say Jenne is a strong, adventurous mama!

Toward the end of the month, Jenne and the Rascals will *finally* come join me in DC. That day couldn’t come soon enough! The kids will actually start school here while I finish up the MED portion of my training.

YAY! Let the adventures continue! This will be Wild and Worthwhile!

I often sing this to the kids ๐ŸŽธbefore bed ๐ŸŒ™.
We’ll miss all the places and people we love, and we’ll be coming home soon!