Our visas are taking a little longer than expected, due to the UN General Assembly currently taking place in NYC. See inside the UN mothership, left.

As a diplomat family, our lives will be evermore disrupted by world affairs like government shutdowns, elections, queen’s funerals, and border skirmishes.

In the meantime…

The Kids Are:

  • enjoying school here in VA, where they already have friends
  • missing home, but liking the local food and the abundant parks
  • hating the mosquitos, which won’t leave them alone, despite bug spray
  • liking cicadas! Huge! Shiny and ugly! Loud, loud, loud!
  • excited to get to post, so they can get their own horses and hunting hawks
I don’t trust the sound cicada’s make; it feels like they’re hypnotizing me.

Jen Is:

  • cuter than a cicada
  • but probably also trying to hypnotize me 👀
  • getting all trained up in stuff about things
From the State Dept. brag video about their training facility, which *is* extremely cool. Bully for them!

I Am:

  • really, really, really going to miss my new friends in the MED program, as we disperse around the world;
  • proud of our little family
  • nervous about leaving the training pool for open water
  • loving D.C. even more since it’s cooled down a bit
  • a diplomat now, with a black passport woot woot

A note on that last point: I’ve had a few people express to me, “Wait, you’re a diplomat, now? I thought you were just like… a medical provider or whatever, and you know, like… a jerk.”

YES, ACTUALLY. ALL 3 ARE TRUE, ADRIAN, including the diplomat part 🙄.

(Just kidding, nobody has called me a jerk, because if they did, I’d let ’em have it.)

(But not kidding, I am a diplomat-slash-medical-provider. My official diplomatic title is “Attaché,” including the on the e, which is cool 😎 but not worth the difficulty of typing it 😒.)

Parting is such sweaty sorrow…

It’s a lot of work to move, and then move again. I empathize with my pal Nick’s packing woes. The lovely and generous folks at post have already been so helpful in preparing for our arrival, but there is still a lengthy list of to-do’s on this end. While we finish up here in DC, we can only repeat “we’ll get there when we get there!”

We’re using the last of our time here to explore our nation’s capital, make last-minute purchases, and enjoy being reunited as a family. We’re playing a lot of Mariokart together. The kids don’t even complain that I won’t go easy on them, because every once in a while, they beat me fair and square, and their victories are true victories. The little jerks.

Just kidding about the jerk thing again! Jeez! As a family, we’re working our way through these packets that the Foreign Service puts out to help little ones process big disruptions:

pic links to source

It’s adorable and surprisingly useful! Half the time, I’m rolling my eyes at the way the State Department does things, and the other half the time, like with these packets, I’m deeply impressed.

We’ll be outta here soon, soon, soon!

….. aaaaaaaand now you’re hypnotized – told you so. Cicada’s are jerks.