Category: 1st Post: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

  • A weekend of nothing

    One adult in this family: “I wanna DO something! We should get OUT! It’s NICE, and we only […]

  • Small-Town Medicine

    Confession: my first day on the job here in Bishkek was the first time I’d ever set foot […]

  • The Disneyland of Bishkek

    … you wait your whole Soviet childhood, and the day finally arrives when you get to glimpse a […]

  • Happy New Year from Bishkek!

    We started 2022 in our old home in Portland, Oregon; we’re ended it in our new home in […]

  • Eating Horses, Swinging Swords

    When we asked our driver/translator what the traditional Kyrgyz food is, he seemed to think the question a […]

  • Mail in the Foreign Service

    How do diplomats and other folks working in embassies get mail? It’s Christmastime, so our thoughts turn to […]

  • Stuff and Things!

    A Foreign Service lesson we’re learning: in this life, you cast away mostly everything you rely on, everything […]

  • Our Fanciness Level Is Very a Lot Now!

    We write fancy blog titles to prove it. (We’re better from recent illness – thanks for all the […]

  • Rough Start

    I wish it was all sunshine and rainbows, but we’ve had a rough start. The people here have […]

  • Commuting

    How to get to work? Bike or run? Too polluted in winter, and need to wear a suit. […]