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  • Rough Start

    I wish it was all sunshine and rainbows, but we’ve had a rough start. The people here have […]

  • Commuting

    How to get to work? Bike or run? Too polluted in winter, and need to wear a suit. […]

  • 16 Days LIVING in Bishkek

    Day: minus 2. Arlington, VA: waking at 4am to start the time-zone adjustment, zipping odds and ends into […]

  • Wheels Down: First week in Kyrgyzstan

    Getting here was special torture. A 32-hour itinerary, spanning 3 planes, 4 countries, and a scant few hours […]

  • Wheels Up!

    “Wheels Up!” is what you exclaim when the plane has taken off. PCS-ing* is a drawn-out process, but […]

  • Diplobrat

    Our visas are taking a little longer than expected, due to the UN General Assembly currently taking place […]

  • Family Reunion; Kyrgyzstan Part 2

    YAY! The family arrived in DC! Finally! The other evening, Jenne and I were asking each other, “What […]

  • Lucky us!

    When Jenne and I were looking for our first house, we found a 4-leaf clover 🍀 in the […]

  • The Eagle Has Landed

    I did security training, aka the Foreign Affairs Counter Threat course. I thought it would be fun. It […]

  • Bishkek, here we come!

    We’re thrilled that our first post will be Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan! How do we feel about this post? Couldn’t […]