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  • The Last Week of Orientation

    Foreign Service Orientation (aka A-100 or SOAR) is 6 weeks long… then after that comes more training, specific […]

  • Splitting Myself in Two

    I had to split my brain in two to get this job, and I’ve had to split my […]

  • Feeling Home

    Jen and I were recently talking on the telephone about how our first life together lasted about 5 […]

  • I’m a Diplomat Now!

    I’ve sworn an oath to the constitution. I’ve gotten a super official badge that allows me past armed […]

  • The Kindest Things

    How awkward would it have been, if: Us: “…so we’re moving out of the country.”Everyone else: “Good!” Ah […]

  • City of Roses and Broken Hearts

    Portland is an amazing little city. Our food, our fashion, our outdoors, our books… it’s comforting that, no […]

  • Farewell, Patsy Wigglebum!

    You are a dog, which meant dog poop, pee, vomit, hair, stink, and muddy pawprints. Did these chores […]

  • Rollercoasters, Root Beer, and Ketchup

    After waiting for ages, we’re finally on the rollercoaster. The lap bar has snapped down. We’re climbing that […]

  • 3 Weeks! EEEP! Spend and Purge

    Hanna Andersson, Columbia employee store, Darn Tough socks, REI, Cotopaxi, Travelpro. Goodwill, Craigslist, junk removal. Money goes out. […]

  • I’m In Between Jobs Right Now…

    My final patient at the urgent care chain had new onset dysphagia after a URI. It was mild […]